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PSC Motor and Fan, Inc.

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PSC is a Thermal Solutions company.  Our mission is to be able to design and build for any and all of your Thermal needs. WE can design and solve your needs with respect to Heat Sinks and Air Flow. WE have an extensive line of Air Moving Devices consisting of ECAC, DC and AC Fans and Backward Curved Impellers and blowers. Our solutions capability covers small chip level devices to more complex solutions in involving high airflow requiring backward curved impellers, Heat Pipes and Vapor Chambers.

PSC’s Headquarters is located in California and Mainland China where our lead Manufacturing operation is situated. PSC has a fully staffed sales operation in the United States whose head office is located in Southern California.  PSC has full sales coverage of the United States through its Representative organization. PSC has been doing business in the United States since 1993.

PSC has a seasoned Thermal Engineers on staff to help you design the optimum Thermal Solution that your system requires. Our Representative organization will be happy to set up a relationship between you the customer and our Thermal Engineer and solving thermal problems or you can contact us directly in the US or Mainland China.

Thank You for your interest in PSC.  We look forward to working with your on all of your Thermal needs.


Anthony Danluck

CEO, PSC Thermal Solutions

About PSC

PSC Motor & Fan is a provider focused on thermal solutions.

PSC has been in the Thermal Solutions business since 1993.

The company’s headquarters have been in Oxnard, California for the past 27 years. PSC in the USA functions as a Sales and Marketing entity with Warehousing and Engineering design and support capability.

We has ownership in a factory located in Shipai, Dongguan China. We offering an extensive range of EC(Electronically Commutated)/DC motors, fans and heat sinks.

Over the years PSC has been a major supplier to HP Compaq, IBM, ATI,  Cisco Systems, Rockwell Automation, NCR, Bally Gaming  Technologies and is currently working with APC, SGI, AllenVanguard, and many companies in Europe and mainland China itself.

It is the hope of PSC that this website becomes your “Thermal Bible”; it is all you need to solve your system’s  Thermal challenges.

PSC was founded in 1993, headquarters is located in California and Mainland China where our lead Manufacturing operation is located.

Our customers cover more than 20 countries

The company's annual output value is 10,000,000 US dollars

with an annual output of 200,000 fans

Our EC/DC/AC fans have UL certification

American Brand

our headquarter is located in los Angeles

China Manufacturing

our factory is located in Dongguan

Global Service

We provide service for more than 20 countries

We provide solutions for over

110 customers globally



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